1. Planning...
    We will turn your vision into reality using top quality materials and trained, professional builders.
    Over the years, we at Excellent Stucco have refined and updated our services and skills. We invite all those in the greater areas of NJ, NY and PA, to take full advantage of our acquired knowledge and techniques. We offer : Traditional Stucco, Stucco Repair and Synthetic Stucco (EIFS).
  2. Traditional Stucco
    Traditional stucco, is the original and most high-quality stucco.
    Traditional stucco, is perfect for homeowners who need an affordable, long-lasting home exterior that projects the appeal of old style stucco and attractive charm. The finish possibilities are endless : from rough to smooth, from pink to green, or any texture and color in between. We can even simulate the wood style without actually using wood.
  3. Synthetic Stucco
    It is generally softer and more layered than traditional stucco and is ideal for exteriors.
    For those in NJ, NY & PA who want the look of stucco with advanced heat transfer reduction then applying exterior insulation and finish systems, called EIFS is the choice for you. It consists of an inner layer of foam insulation secured with adhesives, a middle layer of polymer and cement base and a final texture finished coat. Stucco E.I.F.S. Systems Save Homeowners Money and are 84% More Energy Efficient than any other wall system. E.I.F.S. insulates and provides weather protection in a selection of shapes, colors, and textures.
  4. Stucco Repair
    With the help of our stucco repair services, you will have a safety and durable home in no time
    We at Excellent Stucco understand that unforeseen complications can come out of nowhere. Things like water damage, erosion and flooding can produce an eyesore when it comes to paint. we can fully tear off or do a partial repair of your home area that is damaged. Fortunately we offer the people of NJ, NY & PA a reliable and affordable repair service.